Recovery @ Work mental health programs

We have a range of programs to help people manage their mental health in the workplace, as well as their colleagues supporting them.

A supportive workplace can make a big difference.

Recovery Boost

Recovery Boost is a grants program for organisations in NSW, designed to help reduce mental health stigma and help collect data about what works.

We offer up to $50,000 to organisations with great ideas to create positive change.

If you have a new or existing idea, express your interest in Boost.  For more information go to the mental health @ work website and read the program guide.

Recovery @ work toolkit

We are building a recovery @ work toolkit. It breaks recovery into two actions: talking and planning.

While we work on the toolkit, go to the mental health at work website and download the What is recovery at work? guide and register your interest.

Lived experience engagement

People with lived experience of mental ill-health are key to driving better health outcomes by participating, influencing and leading mental health initiatives.

We want to provide opportunities for people with lived experience to lend their voices to recovery at work. Two projects are underway:

  • A reference group to support the development of initiatives within SIRA's recovery @ work program.
  • A model for engaging people with lived experience of mental ill-health to inform the development and evaluation of relevant programs.

For more information go to the mental health @ work website.