This program is designed to help you secure employment with a new employer.

The JobCover6 provides three benefits to eligible new employers to encourage an employer to offer you a job:

  • incentive payments of up to $10,400 for up to 6 months
  • exemption of your wages from their workers compensation premium calculation for two years
  • protection against the costs of changes to your existing injury for up to two years.

The program has been developed in recognition of the economic and business impacts of COVID-19 and can be accessed during this period.

SIRA is currently determining if the JobCover6 program will continue beyond 31/12/20.

Any programs approved and/or commenced until a decision is communicated will be eligible for payment provided the usual eligibility criteria are met.

Employer incentive payment

The employer incentive payment is up to $400 per week and is payable over the first 6 months of work up to a maximum amount of $10,400.

You are eligible if you:

  • have capacity for work and are looking for new employment.
  • are receiving, or are entitled to receive, weekly workers compensation payments under the Workers Compensation Act 1987 (1987 Act) or just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic you were engaged in suitable work with your pre-injury employer.
  • haven’t accepted a commutation or work injury damages settlement.

An employer may be eligible if they:

  • have offered employment to you for an agreed period
  • hold a current workers compensation policy with an insurer or a self-insurer’s licence

Read the JobCover6 guidance material for more information

How to apply

Speak to your insurer case manager or workplace rehabilitation provider about using the JobCover6 program.

They will:

If your request to use a SIRA-funded program has not been approved, find out how to request a review of a program decision.