The JobCover6 Placement program (JCPP) is a 6-month program that funds up to $10,400 in incentives for employers to employ a person recovering from a motor vehicle accident

What is it?

JobCover6 helps people locate suitable work where ongoing employment cannot be confirmed with a new employer during the COVID-19 period. JobCover6 program has similarities to a JobCover Placement Program and is to support employers to offer employment for up to a 6-month duration. This program has been developed in recognition of the economic and business impacts of COVID-19 and can be accessed during this period.

The Program

JobCover6 provides incentives to a new employer to help offset the costs of engaging and training a new worker and provides up to $400 per week for 6 months (maximum of $10,400).

The JobCover6 provides the following incentives to eligible new employers, to assist a person to recover at work after a motor vehicle accident:

  • incentive payments of up to $10,400 for up to 6 months
  • protection against the costs of changes to the existing injury for up to two years.

You are eligible if you:

  • have capacity for work and are looking for new employment.
  • are receiving, or are entitled to receive, weekly benefits under the Motor Accidents Injury Act 2017 or just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic you were engaged in suitable work with your pre-accident employer.
  • haven’t accepted a damages settlement.

An employer may be eligible if they:

  • have offered employment for an agreed period
  • hold a current workers compensation policy with an insurer or a self-insurer’s licence

If you believe this program may assist you with returning to work, speak with your CTP insurer by completing the CTP vocational support program application form.

More information

The SIRA guide for CTP vocational support has more information on eligibility and applying.