SIRA and SafeWork NSW collaborate to address non-insurance

Since September 2018, the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) has identified and initiated contact with approximately 35,000 NSW businesses which were at risk of operating without a workers compensation policy.

This compliance program has resulted in 8,000 new policies being taken out by businesses, covering almost 26,000 workers in NSW and accounting for approximately $12 million worth of premiums into the workers compensation system. This work helps ensure fairness and equity for all employers and their workers.

SIRA action

Where we do not receive an appropriate response to initial letters, we issue a notice to produce evidence of a workers compensation policy. We escalate activity in relation to those businesses that have not responded appropriately to SIRA action.

Joint site visits

Once SIRA is satisfied that the businesses are currently operational and not likely to be significantly affected by the current COVID-19 situation, SIRA and SafeWork NSW will undertake joint site visits.

Visits are prioritised based on the amount paid in wages, number of employees and potential number of years without insurance. They are undertaken by a SafeWork NSW Inspector and an officer from the SIRA Enforcement and Prosecutions team.

The purpose of the visit is to validate our information, understand why the business has not responded and, if appropriate, pursue enforcement action against the business. SafeWork NSW Inspectors will also undertake work health and safety checks during the visit.

The site visits will also provide an important opportunity for the education and capability building of the business on workers compensation, and health and safety issues.