June 2020 report on CTP insurer claims experience and customer feedback comparison

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) has published the June 2020 issue of the CTP insurer claims experience and customer feedback comparison report on the SIRA website.

Published each quarter, the report compares insurers in the NSW CTP scheme on a range of evidence-based indicators which measure insurer performance over the course of an injured person’s claims journey.v

The data makes it easier for customers to compare insurers. People injured in motor accidents may also benefit from knowing what to expect from the insurer managing their claim.

The report includes the following measures:

  • the number of statutory benefit claims accepted by insurers
  • how quickly insurers pay statutory benefits
  • the outcome of claim decisions reviewed through the insurer’s internal review unit
  • the number and type of compliments and complaints about insurers
  • the number and type of issues escalated to the SIRA Enforcement and Prosecutions team.

All the June 2020 (second quarter) data will be available on the CTP open data portal from mid-October. It will also include new metrics on insurer internal review timeframes.

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