Standard 8 - insurer making weekly payments

All stakeholders should be kept informed where weekly payments need to be processed directly by the insurer to the worker. This will ensure the worker receives ongoing and timely support and the employer is informed of their ongoing obligations and responsibilities.

Insurer making weekly payments

Principle: The rights and responsibilities of all parties will be respected in circumstances where weekly payments will be made by the insurer.

S8.1 Before commencing weekly payments directly to a worker, the insurer must consult with the employer and advise that claims costs will continue to accrue.Evidence on claim file.
S8.2As soon as possible after deciding to commence making payment directly to the worker, the insurer must request that the worker complete an Australian Taxation Office tax file number declaration form and arrange for tax to be paid on behalf of the worker.Request made within five working days after insurer decision to commence payments.
S8.3The insurer must advise the worker and employer as soon as practicable after commencing weekly payments directly to the worker.Written advice to worker and employer within five working days after commencing payments.