Standard 28 - interpreter services

Appropriate use of interpreters ensures equitable services for workers whose first language is not English or who are hearing-impaired.

Interpreter services

Principle: Workers will have access to qualified and culturally-appropriate interpreter services in the worker’s nominated language.

S28.1 Insurers must engage the services of a qualified interpreter if the worker asks for an interpreter, indicates a preference for communicating in their own language, does not appear to understand questions or is not easily able to be understood. Evidence on claim file.
S28.2 When engaging the services of an interpreter, insurers must:
  • engage a NAATI-certified interpreter (for languages where this certification is available);
  • consider whether the communication should be face-to-face or whether using a telephone interpreter is sufficient;
  • ensure there is no conflict of interest;
  • ensure consideration of the workers cultural background; and,
  • explain the purpose of the communication to the interpreter.
Evidence on claim file.