Standard 27 - notification and recovery of Centrelink benefits from lump sum payments

Prompt advice to Centrelink and correct attribution of lump sum payments helps to ensure prompt payment of entitlements and reduces the risk of a worker becoming inadvertently subject to recovery action from Centrelink.

Notification and recovery of Centrelink benefits from lump sum payments

Principle: The implications of lump sum payments for Centrelink benefits, including possible repayments to Centrelink or temporary preclusion from Centrelink benefits, will be proactively managed to minimise impacts on workers.

S27.1 Insurers must provide appropriate documentation to Centrelink when:
  • settlement occurs for commutation or damages matters or other matters settled in the Workers Compensation Commission; and
  • in the case of workers whose entitlements have been affected by delays or reconsideration of entitlements, outstanding amounts owed to the worker are calculated by the insurer.
Information provided to Centrelink within five working days after relevant event.