Standard 12 - injury management plans

Development of an injury management plan to coordinate and manage treatment, rehabilitation and, if necessary, retraining of a worker supports timely, safe and durable return to work.

Injury management plans

Principle: Injury management planning will be undertaken in a timely and proactive manner to support workers’ treatment, rehabilitation and return to work.

S12.1 Insurers must commence injury management planning with the worker immediately upon receipt of an initial notification of injury and must develop an injury management plan if a workplace injury is identified as likely to be a significant injury. Injury management plan developed within 20 working days from identification of a workplace injury as likely to be a significant injury.
S12.2 In addition to the requirements in section 45 of the 1998 Act, the injury management plan must:
  • be specific to the worker;
  • be developed in consultation with the worker, the nominated treating doctor and the employer;
  • be consistent with available medical and treatment information; and
  • include:
  • the goal of the plan and actions tailored to delivery of the goal
  • a statement about how and when the plan will be reviewed
  • the rights and obligations of all stakeholders.
Evidence on claim file.
S12.3 Insurers must review injury management plans in accordance with the statement in the plan or as soon as practicable when new information about an injury or treatment is received.Evidence on claim file.