Standard 1 - worker consent

Protecting a worker’s personal and health information and ensuring a worker’s consent is obtained prior to providing, obtaining or using information about a worker’s injury and recovery promotes trust and ensures the integrity of the scheme.

Worker consent

Principle: The confidentiality of workers’ personal and health information will be respected at all times and workers’ personal and health information will be dealt with only in accordance with their consent.

S1.1 Insurers must obtain the worker’s consent prior to releasing to or requesting from a third party a worker’s personal or health information. Evidence on claim file.
S1.2 When requesting a worker’s consent, insurers must provide advice to the worker about:
  • the worker’s rights and obligations, including the right to withdraw or modify consent and the potential impacts of not providing or withdrawing consent.
  • the types of information that may be released, obtained or used and who is authorised to release, obtain or use the information.
Evidence on claim file.
S1.3 When a request is made to an insurer from a third party seeking release of information relating to a worker’s injury or claim, insurers must consider whether existing worker consent is sufficient to enable release the information.Evidence on claim file.