Merit Review Portal document categorisation guide

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Insurers must lodge a reply to a worker’s application for merit review. They can do so through the Merit Review Portal. A detailed and accurate list of documents relevant to the work capacity decision, internal review, as well as any documents supplied by the worker is to be included. The insurer’s reply will also include copies of documents the worker does not already have.

The following information will help you understand the context of each of the eight major document categories used to sort documents in the Merit Review Portal.

Application documents

The insurer must lodge their reply to a worker’s application for merit review with the Authority as soon as possible, preferably within seven days of receiving the worker’s application.

screen shot of the list of application documents

Certificate of capacity

Insurers are required to attach certificates of capacity in order of the date they were issued. They must also specify the period covered by each certificate and the name of the treating doctor.

Screen shot of the certificates of capacity menu

Medical information

All relevant information provided by health practitioners, independent examiners and allied health providers is to be uploaded to the ‘medical information’ category.

Screen shot of the medical information menu

Occupational rehabilitation services

Workplace rehabilitation providers offer specialised workplace rehabilitation services to help workers recover at and/or return to work. These services are usually delivered in the workplace and in consultation with all parties.

Screen shot of the occupational rehabilitation services menu


A worker’s compensation payments will be determined by a combination of factors including, but not limited to, the worker’s pre-injury average weekly earnings (PIAWE), current earnings, and the value of any deductibles.

Screen shot of the pre-injury employment menu.

Screen shot of the current employment menu


Any legal reports and correspondence that is relevant to the application/reply to the application for merit review is to be included in this section.

Screen shot of the legal menu


Files with the following extensions can be uploaded: .avi .mov.qt .wmt .mno

Screen shot of the surveillance menu


General information including letters, file notes and emails that do not fit into the above categories should be uploaded to this section. They should include sender and recipient details as well as the date the correspondence was sent.

Screen shot ofthe correspondence menu