What is the Recovery @ Work toolkit

It’s hard to know where to start when thinking about recovery and looking for help online can seem daunting.

This toolkit is here to make life a little bit easier. SIRA has partnered with Mental Health groups to bring together valuable tools that you can pick up and use quickly. They are designed to be simple and for everyone.

Watch our toolkit animation

This toolkit will grow to ensure it is constantly able to provide help, we will be expanding the toolkit to include tailored toolkits for industries that need help now.

The Toolkit

This diagram depicts a journey. It shows a road with the words talk, plan, keep talking, keep planning along the side of the road.


Start the conversation at workPlan to make adjustmentsAre you supporting someone who is struggling?
Beyond Blue stay at work discussion planBeyond Blue return to work planResources to help you
RUOK at work guide - How to ask RUOK at workManaging someone with a mental health condition