What is mental health recovery @ work?

When we talk about mental health recovery, people often talk about recovery as a journey where a person feels in control of their life.

Why focus on recovery at work?

Recovery at work is good for individuals, families and communities and it makes good business sense.

People who are dealing with mental health issues are often still able to contribute in positive ways in the workforce, and being at work can help people recover more quickly.

What does recovery at work look like?

Everyone's circumstances are different. Recovery @ Work is all about looking for adjustments to your ways of working that help with your recovery.

Evidence suggests that the best way to approach Recovery @ Work is to follow two steps: talking with a supervisor, and, planning your work adjustments.

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What does the research say?

The evidence is telling us that recovery at work is an area of mental health that needs addressing.

Monash University conducted a rapid review into recovery at work tools. It found that only one Australian resource for recovery from mental heath in the workplace had been adequately evaluated.

  • SIRA's summary of the rapid review
  • Monash University's Rapid Review

Alternative is to put these in a table, as below.

Read our summary of the rapid review Read Monash University's Rapid Review