Permanent impairment coordinating group 2001

Dr Jim StewartChair
Ms Kate McKenzieWorkCover
Mr John RobertsonLabor Council of NSW
Ms Mary YaagerLabor Council of NSW
Dr Ian GardnerMedical Representative to Workers Compensation and Workplace Occupational Health and Safety Council of NSW
Dr Stephen BuckleyRehabilitation Physician
Prof Michael FearnsideProfessor of Neurosurgery
Dr John HarrisonOrthopaedic Surgery
Dr Jonathan PhillipsPsychiatrist
Prof Bill MarsdenProfessor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr Dwight DowdaOccupational Physician
Associate Professor Ian CameronAssociate Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr Robin ChaseAustralian Medical Association
2005 revisions 
Dr Roger PillemerOrthpaedic Surgeon
Dr John DIxon HughesGeneral Surgeon
Dr Yvonne SkinnerPsychiatrist