Others that may be involved

Other health practitioners may be involved in the management of the worker’s injury/condition and may help you facilitate the worker’s recovery by:

  • conducting a detailed assessment of the worker and providing information to inform and/or confirm diagnosis and the treatment strategy
  • providing treatment to improve the worker’s capacity for work
  • providing recommendations about the worker’s progress and their capacity for work.

Independent consultant

Independent consultants are experienced in the assessment and treatment of workplace injuries. They provide an independent peer review of allied health treatment in the workers compensation system.

Only SIRA-approved independent consultants are allowed to undertake these reviews. Find a list of approved independent consultants here.

Injury management consultant

An injury management consultant is a registered medical practitioner approved by SIRA and experienced in occupational injury and workplace based rehabilitation.

They work with the doctor and other members of the support team to negotiate a way forward in cases where there are barriers that are delaying, or have the potential to delay, a worker’s recovery at/return to work. The injury management consultant may liaise with you as part of this process.

Independent medical examiner

Independent medical examiners are registered medical practitioners with qualifications relevant to the worker’s injury.

The worker, their legal representative, or the insurer can request an independent medical examiner to review medical information and/or examine the worker, when information from the doctor is unavailable, inadequate, or inconsistent, or when the insurer has been unable to resolve issues after discussion with the doctor, and/or after the involvement of an injury management consultant.

SafeWork NSW inspector

SafeWork NSW inspectors help employers and employees understand their rights and obligations under work health and safety, workers compensation and injury management legislation.

Inspectors also have the power to issue an Improvement Notice should they believe an employer has contravened the requirement to provide suitable employment following a workers compensation claim. For more information, refer to the SafeWork NSW website.