When to submit an allied health recovery request

You are required to submit an AHRR for any services requiring prior approval.

It is recommended you formulate the AHRR and submit it to the insurer prior to the completion of any current treatment sessions. This will assist with continuity of treatment.

Refer to the workers compensation guidelines for further information.

For SIRA approved allied health practitioners

Some services conducted by SIRA approved allied health practitioners are exempt from prior approval and do not require an allied health recovery request.

The type and number of services that may be provided depends on a number of factors, including how long it has been since the worker’s injury and whether they have received previous treatment for their injury.

Some exemptions from prior approval include:

  • specific allied health treatment services
  • case conferencing services that comply with the definition in the applicable Fees Order up to a maximum of two hours (refer to the 'Glossary' section for further information)
  • reasonable incidental expenses (see 'Equipment provision' section below).

For non-SIRA approved allied health practitioners

Non SIRA approved allied health practitioners should submit the AHRR after their first consultation with the worker.