Information for injured people about claims assessments with an interpreter

This fact sheet will help you understand what will happen when you have an interpreter present during a claims assessment conference.

The interpreter’s role is to clearly and accurately translate what is said between you and the Claims Assessor and any other person present at an assessment conference. The interpreter must:

  • keep the message the same
  • not give opinions
  • always adhere to the interpreting code of ethics which requires impartial, confidential and accurate interpreting.

We will arrange and cover the costs for an approved interpreter to attend your claims assessment conference. You cannot use a member of your family or a friend as your interpreter.

The assessment

  • You will be introduced to the interpreter and their role will be explained to you.
  • The interpreter should be seated near you and the Claims Assessor so the interpreter can see everyone’s faces.
  • During the assessment, you may need to pause regularly to allow for the interpretation.
  • You should look at and speak to the Assessor, not to the interpreter.
  • Only one person should speak at a time.

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For more information, please refer to the fact sheet What to expect at a Claims Assessment and Resolution Service assessment conference.