Assessing psychological status (IES)

The Impact of Event Scale (IES) is a measure of post traumatic stress symptoms related to a specific event.

This questionnaire contains 15 comments made by people after stressful life events. The patient is to complete the questionnaire by indicating how frequently these comments have been true for them in the past seven days.

Using this form, the scores are automatically calculated. A higher score indicates a higher level of stress.

Recommended action

A total score of 25 or more, at three to six weeks after injury, is in the ‘moderate’ range (P4, page 20 guidelines). Consider referral to a psychologist for:

  • adjustment difficulties
  • management of pain and/or
  • posttraumatic stress management.

Horowitz, M., N. Wilner, and W. Alvarez, Impact of Event Scale: a measure of subjective stress. Psychosom Med, 1979. 41(3): p. 209-18.