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Table 6.12: PIRS Social and recreational activities


Social and recreational activities

Class 1

No deficit or minor deficit attributable to normal variation in the general population. Able to go out regularly to cinemas, restaurants or other recreational venues. Belongs to clubs or associations and is actively involved with these.

Class 2

Mild impairment. Able to occasionally go out to social events without needing a support person, but does not become actively involved; for example, in dancing, cheering favourite team.

Class 3

Moderate impairment. Rarely goes to social events, and mostly when prompted by family or close friend. Unable to go out without a support person. Not actively involved, remains quiet and withdrawn.

Class 4

Severe impairment. Never leaves place of residence. Tolerates the company of `family member or close friend, but will go to a different room or the garden when others visit family or flatmate.

Class 5

Totally impaired. Cannot tolerate living with anybody, extremely uncomfortable when visited by close family member.