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Obligations and duties of the insurer

7.5 An insurer must:

(a) act in accordance with the objects of the Act and the objects of DRS

(b) comply with its duty to act in good faith under section 6.3 of the Act

(c) comply with its duty to endeavour to resolve a claim as justly and expeditiously as possible under section 6.4 of the Act

(d) act honestly and fairly while participating in any dispute resolution processes, including complying with any requests or directions made by decision-makers

(e) not mislead the parties, representatives, DRS or any decision-maker

(f) attempt to identify and narrow any issues in dispute before any application is lodged with DRS and continue to do so while any application is being considered by DRS

(g) comply with the requirements of ‘Part 7 of the Motor Accident Guidelines: Dispute resolution’.