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Include the date of the attendant care request, claim number and injured person’s name.

Section 1 - injured person’s details

Make sure the person’s details are correct.

Ensure the insurer, claim number and date of injury are correct (the claimant name and claim number will auto populate into the header on subsequent pages).

Section 2 - attendant care recommendation and justification

Complete the recommendations and justification questions (a - j) for each separate type of care by adding another section if required.

  1. Describe how the injured person will benefit from the attendant care service. This should relate to the injured person’s goal from the Rehabilitation Services Request or Allied Health Recovery Request.
  2. Describe the attendant care including the type of service; for example, attendant care worker to provide personal care assistance in showering. Include the provider name and contact details. Describe the hours and frequency the service will need to be provided. This should be what is reasonable and necessary according to usual standards; for example, if prior to the injury an individual chose to shower twice daily, it is not reasonable and necessary for personal care assistance to be provided twice daily. Showering once daily would be considered a reasonable community standard. Include the timeframe that this service is required for in this request, for example eight weeks. Include the unit cost and then the total cost for the Attendant Care request period (GST inclusive).
  3. Outline the specific requirements of the person who will provide the attendant care; for example, experience providing personal care assistance, experience working with a particular age group or type of injury.
  4. The injured person may have a preference that should be considered in the request, for example an attendant care worker of the same gender for the provision of personal care.
  5. Briefly explain how the need for the attendant care is related to the compensable injury or injuries.
  6. Describe any risk that could occur to the injured person if the attendant care is not provided (only if this is relevant).
  7. Describe the alternatives to this attendant care that have been considered and the rationale for not recommending this (if relevant) and how this recommended attendant care is the most appropriate option.
  8. Tick the accurate box to describe your opinion on the cost effectiveness of the recommended attendant care and explain why the request is being submitted if it is not the most cost effective option. Up to three quotations may be required. Check with the CTP Green Slip insurer for their requirements about quotations for the service.
  9. Detail allied health practitioner suitability for recommending this attendant care.
  10. Detail the suitability of the recommended provider to deliver the attendant care.

Section 3 - attendant care withdrawal plan

Outline the plan for withdrawing the attendant care services (this may include a specific date if appropriate).

The injured person and their family (if relevant) will be involved in establishing this as part of the overall goal setting and rehabilitation planning process. This is important to ensure that the provision of any attendant care is considered in conjunction with recovery goals, for example returning to usual self-care and household activities. Indicate if the injured person is aware of the withdrawal plan or not and explain why not if relevant.

Section 4 - service provider details

Ensure details are completed and correct to ensure communication and payment of accounts occurs promptly.

Section 5 - insurer decision

The insurer will provide a response within 10 working days of the request being received. If they are declining or partially declining any attendant care they will provide the reason/s.