How do I become a SIRA certified health practitioner?

Some allied health practitioners must be approved by SIRA before providing services in the NSW workers compensation system. These practitioners include:

Practitioners in the disciplines listed above who are not SIRA approved cannot deliver treatment services to workers in the NSW system.

All allied health practitioners formerly approved by WorkCover NSW are now deemed to be approved by SIRA. Their provider number remains the same.

The SIRA provider number is specific to the allied health practitioner and must be provided on all tax invoices and requests to the insurer. Services must not be delivered by any other person using the allied health practitioner's provider number.

You are not required to obtain a new provider number for each different location where you deliver services or if you change your employment. However, you must notify SIRA of any change in you contact details within 14 days by email to

To obtain a SIRA provider number, practitioners must review the guideline for approval of treating allied health practitioners and then complete the application form

If you meet the appropriate qualifications and requirements, you must satisfactorily complete the three-part allied health practitioner online training course. This is to ensure all practitioners working within the NSW workers compensation system are:

  • appropriately skilled to help workers achieve a safe and durable recovery at/return to work, and
  • aware of requirements for the delivery of services in the system.

The online training program is administered by the Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF) and costs $300 (GST-exempt). To access the training click here.

Once you have successfully completed the online training, you download and complete the application form and submit with all relevant documents to

Please note: you must obtain confirmation from us that your SIRA provider number is active before delivering treatment services.