Motor accidents

We are updating this page regularly as the COVID-19 situation evolves. Please check back for updates.

This page was last updated on: 31 Mar 2020

We have prepared frequently asked questions that provide you with information about the impacts of COVID-19 on the motor accidents scheme.

Claimant and injured person questions

What will happen to my income support if I can’t obtain a Certificate of Fitness?

We understand that it may be difficult to see a doctor on a specific day.

If your doctor thinks it is appropriate, you may be able to access a Certificate of Fitness via a telehealth consultation if you cannot attend the doctors in person. Telehealth consultations occur via either a video conference or telephone conference.

Certificates can be issued for up to 90 days in some circumstances. Your doctor will need to consider whether they expect a change in your fitness over the period of the certificate. This will be tailored to your individual circumstances

If you cannot obtain a new certificate by the time your current certificate expires, you should contact the insurer to discuss this with them.

I don't want to go to the Doctor because I am worried that I will catch COVID-19. How will this affect my income support.

You must produce Certificates of Fitness for any period you are entitled to income support.

You may wish to contact your doctor to request a telehealth consultation (video conference or teleconference consultation) for the review for your certificate if you cannot attend the doctors in person. If your doctor is unable to offer you a telehealth consultation, you can contact the insurer to discuss your concerns.

I don’t want to go back to work because I am worried that I will catch COVID-19. How will this affect my income support?

You should speak with the insurer about any concerns you have about attending work.

You can also speak with your employer about what measures they are taking to minimise potential transmission.

I have an appointment for a medical appointment arranged by my insurer but I am worried I will catch COVID-19. Can I change the date?

If you do not want to attend your appointment because you are worried about COVID-19 please contact your insurer.

Green Slip and CTP questions

I don’t want to register my vehicle because I am worried that I will catch COVID-19. How will this affect my ability to drive my vehicle?

Driving an unregistered vehicle is illegal and potentially dangerous. If you’re caught driving an unregistered vehicle, you may be fined, and police may remove the number plates on the spot.

You can purchase your Green Slip on line. We encourage you to use our Green Slip Check to compare prices between insurers.

If you meet certain eligibility criteria, you can also renew your vehicle's registration online with Service NSW.

Contact Service NSW for details about vehicle registration or call 13 77 88.

Health care practitioner questions

Do telehealth services require pre-approval?

Telehealth services require pre-approval from the insurer and must be consented to by all parties.

What if telehealth services are not an appropriate type of service delivery?

You will need to consider the appropriateness of this mode of service delivery for each person on a case-by-case basis.

You are responsible for delivering telehealth services in accordance with the principles of professional conduct and the relevant professional and practice guidelines to ensure that all care is taken to ensure the safety, appropriateness and effectiveness of the service.

I am concerned about conducting independent medical examinations and other patient assessments. What should I do?

We are encouraging insurers to work with their providers to develop and implement suitable screening protocols for independent medical examinations and other meetings or assessments requiring face-to-face contact. Video may be appropriate to use in some cases.

Insurers should have regard to an injured person’s broader health conditions, compensable injury and any concerns a person may have regarding travel when making appointments.

I am conducting a telehealth consultation with an injured person. How can they complete the ‘Injured person’s consent’ section on a Certificate of Fitness?

When you conduct a telehealth consultation, the ‘Injured person’s consent’ section of the Certificate of Fitness does not need to be filled in by your patient. You are not required to send the certificate to them to complete.

You still require the injured person’s consent to share the certificate with another party, including the insurer. This is to comply with privacy laws. You can ask for the person’s consent verbally during the telehealth consultation or by email.

SIRA's Dispute Resolution Service

SIRA's Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) is rapidly adapting the way its services operate to protect the wellbeing of injured people, stakeholders and our decision makers. The following provisions have been put in place to manage the current situation.

How will DRS adapt to resolve disputes?

Where possible, DRS determination of disputes will be held by teleconference or ‘on the papers’ to reduce in-person contact.

How should I lodge documents?

Stakeholders should submit all file material electronically via our email address This includes lodgement of applications, replies, submissions and all other correspondence. Stakeholders should not lodge material in-person at the DRS office.

What if a dispute is already in progress?

For disputes that are currently in progress, we request anyone who is feeling unwell or has been overseas in the past 14 days not to attend their assessment and advise DRS as soon as possible.

What if I have an upcoming medical assessment?

DRS will contact injured people who have upcoming medical assessments to confirm whether it is appropriate and safe to attend the assessment. Where appropriate, medical assessors and review panel members will avoid in-person contact by assessing matters based on the papers or via video conference. Where circumstances allow, DRS will determine whether an in-person assessment should proceed.

DRS has asked medical decision makers to follow the advice of the Australian Government Department of Health and NSW Health in relation to the prevention of the possible spread of COVID-19.

Contact SIRA for support

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This page was last updated on: 31 Mar 2020