What if a dispute is already in progress?

We have deferred all in-person medical appointments subject to new procedures.

We will contact the parties involved in disputes to identify an appropriate pathway for resolution of the medical dispute on a case-by-case basis, after consideration of factors which include:

  • the urgency of the matter
  • the potential impact of delay on the injured person
  • any COVID-19 wellbeing risk for the injured person or assessor
  • options for other modes of medical assessment to enable dispute resolution and
  • the feasibility of safe arrangements for face to face consultation where required.

The appropriate pathway for the dispute may include determination ‘on the papers’, via video conference or teleconference or deferral. Urgent matters may only proceed in-person in exceptional circumstances, and only with the approval of the Executive Director, DRS.

The parties may apply to restore a matter from the pending medical list at any time in accordance with these procedures.

We apologise for the impact that deferral may have on individuals seeking resolution in their dispute, and any disruption or inconvenience to medical assessors.