Miscellaneous claims matters

  • Miscellaneous claims matters may be conducted on the papers or by teleconference or Skype videoconferencing as appropriate, (with the exception of face-to face meetings) in accordance with cl 7.432 of the MAGs.
  • It is a matter for the Claim Assessor, with the agreement of the parties, whether the determination of the miscellaneous claims matter will proceed on the papers, by teleconference, by Skype videoconferencing or will be deferred.
  • The same procedures for teleconferences and video conferences, as outlined above, apply to Miscellaneous claims matters.
  • The Miscellaneous claims matter will be determined by a claims assessor with a certificate and brief statement of reasons being issued to the parties within 21 days of receipt of all relevant information, or as soon as practicable thereafter (cl 7.435 and cl 7.436 of MAGs).