Support4work grant for small business

Support4work grant for small business (Support4work) provides financial assistance of $4,000 paid in two payments, to help a small business manage the recovery at work of an injured person, while the business recovers from the economic impact COVID-19.

Applying for Support4work

Step 1Review the information regarding Support4work, check if you meet the eligibility criteria and discuss recovery at work with the injured person.
Step 2 Complete the Support4work application form. Ask the injured person to complete the Injured person consent form. Submit the completed and signed forms and attach copy of proof of identity and a signed business letterhead to the State Insurance Regulatory Authority at
Step 3SIRA will review your application and notify you of the outcome within 10 business days.
Step 4Once approved, you will receive the first $2,000 payment via EFT. The injured person returns to work (if they have not already done so).
Step 5

Five weeks after the injured person returns to work, submit your claim for the second payment. SIRA may telephone you and the injured person to:

  • review how recovery at work has been going
  • confirm you can continue to provide suitable work.

Following confirmation of ongoing eligibility, the second (final) $2,000 payment will be made.

Step 6Ten weeks after approval SIRA will contact you and the injured person to evaluate the success of the grant. The insurer will continue to manage the claim and the injured person’s recovery at work.

Eligibility criteria

Small business

  • employ up to 19 full-time (or equivalent) workers
  • pay a basic tariff premium of $30,000 or less
  • have a current NSW workers compensation policy covering the injured person
  • can offer suitable work for 10 hours or more per week
  • are the pre-injury employer.

Injured person

  • have current capacity for work for 10 hours or more per week
  • are receiving or entitled to receive weekly payments under the Workers Compensation Act 1987 or Motor Accident Injury Act 2017.

More information

Read the Support4work guidance material to understand how the grant works.

Download a PDF of this page: Support4work employer fact sheet - PDF (1.4MB)