Information for injured people (Support4work grant for small business)

How does it help?

Support4work offers $4,000 to small businesses affected by COVID-19 - how have been unable to offer suitable work to help you recover from your injury. It is paid to your employer in two payments after SIRA has confirmed the details of your recovery at work. Support4work grant for small business is available until 31 March 2021.

Why is returning to work important?

  • Work helps you stay active and is an important part of your recovery
  • Working after your injury can help you get better quicker
  • Work helps you to get back to your usual activities and routines while you’re recovering
  • Working provides financial security
  • The longer you’re away from work, the harder it can be to get back to work

Your employer's role

  • discuss recovery at work with you
  • seek your consent to share your information
  • provide you with at least 10 hours of suitable work per week
  • apply for Support4work

Your role

You have a role in your recovery at work, including:

  • if in agreement, completing the injured person consent form
  • recovering at work for 10 hours per week or more
  • agreeing to SIRA contacting you to confirm your recovery at work.

Note: Your are under no obligation to complete the injured person consent form, but you may have obligations about recovery at work.

Eligibility criteria

Injured person

The eligibility for an injured person to apply for the grant includes:

  • have current capacity for work for 10 hours or more per week
  • are receiving or entitled to receive weekly payments under the Workers Compensation Act 1987 or Motor Accident Injury Act 2017

Small business

The eligibility for a small business to apply for the grant includes:

  • employ up to 19 full-time (or equivalent) workers
  • pay a basic tariff premium of $30,000 or less
  • have a current NSW workers compensation policy covering the injured person
  • can offer suitable work for 10 hours or more per week
  • are the pre-injury employer.

Further information

Talk with your employer, read the Support4work guidance material or contact us.

Download a PDF of this page: Support4work grant for small business information for injured people - PDF (1.5MB)