Support4work grant for small business

Support4work provides financial incentives to help a small business manage the recovery at work of an injured person while the business recovers from the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Support4work offers $4,000 to support an injured person's recovery at work and is paid to approved small businesses in two payments:

Payment 1: $2,000, paid following the return of the injured person to the workplace.

Payment 2: $2,000, paid following confirmation with both the small business and injured person, that return to work is continuing. The review will occur five weeks after recommencing employment.

Please see our guidance material for information regarding eligibility.

How to apply

If you wish to apply:

  1. Check the eligibility criteria
  2. Gather all your documentation and evidence
  3. Fill in the Support4work application form, including attaching any supporting documents
  4. Review your application
  5. Check the declaration boxes
  6. Ask the injured person to fill in of the Support4work application form - injured person consent
  7. Submit the application to SIRA at

On receipt of your application you will be sent a confirmation email. All fields of the application form must be completed and the supporting documentation attached. Incomplete applications will not proceed.

SIRA may contact you if additional information to support your application is required.

By submitting your application, you agree that SIRA will undertake various checks to verify the identity and confirm eligibility of both the small business, the applicant (if not the business owner) and the injured person.

Generally, your application will be reviewed within 10 business days and you will be notified of the outcome of the assessment.

If you're not able to apply online, please contact SIRA via email on or call 13 10 50.

More information

To find out more read our guidance material which outlines eligibility, what you need to apply and accessing the grant payments, as well as the review process.