Recovery Advisory Service

SIRA has introduced a new Recovery Advisory Service as a free support service to help small businesses respond to and prepare for business post COVID-19.

The service is designed to assist you transition back to work and provide support for an injured person. SIRA wants to make it easier for you to understand your obligations and to meet workers compensation and work health and safety and arrangements, including ways to offer ‘flexible work’ and ‘recovery at work’ for injured people.

Need Help?

SIRA's dedicated team of Customer Experience officers may call you directly to see how SIRA can help, or you can contact us at any time and indicate the information or help you need. We can provide employer toolkits and links to the right information for your needs as well as provide ‘free’ tailored support at a time convenient to you either ‘remotely’ in line with social distancing or where preferred, we’ll come to you, at your work place and have the right conversation.

Access free programs

Importantly we want you to ‘take up’ our offer of ‘free’ SIRA funded programs that provide financial incentives and subsidies. Because the needs of your business are unique, SIRA offers a suite of programs, to help prioritise supporting the recovery at work of injured people, as well as make restarting your business financially easier.

These include;

  • JobCover6 provides financial incentives to employers who provide short term work opportunities to help injured workers, get back to work
  • Connect2Work offers financial support to employers who provide voluntary short term job placements, to help injured workers gain new skills and experience
  • Equipment and workplace modification program offers funding to purchase equipment or make modifications to help a worker recover at work, perform suitable work from home or start a new role
  • Recover at work assist for small business  offers help to small employers overcome financial hardship when providing suitable work to support their worker recover at work

Stay informed

SIRA can help you stay informed about any impacts COVID-19 may have on your business, your workers compensation and insurance arrangements as well as any changes in legislation. We can also ensure that you are receiving tailored financial support and assistance at a time and place convenient to you and your business needs.

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