Section 3.2 Clinical experience

Relates to clause 8.18(a) of the Motor Accident Guidelines

Five years’ experience is a commonly used benchmark in similar jurisdictions across Australia and internationally. SIRA confirmed that a criterion of five years’ relevant clinical experience would allow practitioners time to develop their skills and experience in their area of expertise.

As expert witnesses, authorised health practitioners may be required to comment on the opinions of their peers, so must be able to demonstrate that they have experience for their opinion to be given appropriate weight.

Clinical experience is defined as follows:

'Providing direct clinical care or providing oversight of direct clinical care of patients, or directly involved in the clinical education of either pre-registration or post-registration students.

The clinical experience, whether remunerated or not, must be obtained in the practitioner’s area of expertise (specialty) after the practitioner has completed all relevant training, is fully qualified, and is not subject to supervisory requirements.'