Whiplash neck exercises and videos

When you are performing the exercises, stop and contact your doctor or therapist if you notice:


These exercises are designed to restore the movement and muscle control around your neck and to reduce unnecessary postural strain and muscle pain.

For each exercise:

Exercises while lying down

Lie down with a soft pillow under your neck, and with your knees bent up.

Exercise 1: The chin nod exercise

Photograph of a woman lying down and nodding

Exercise 2: Head rotation

Photographs of a woman lying down, turning her head from side to side

Exercise 3: Shoulder blade exercise

Photographs of a woman lying on her side and rolling her shoulder blade back and across her ribs towards the centre of her back

Exercises while sitting

You can do these exercises at work, in the car, on a train or bus and sitting at home.

Exercise 4: Correct postural position

The correct postural position.

Exercise 5: Neck retraction

Photographs of a woman completing the neck retraction exercise

Neck strengthening exercises

Neck strengthening (exercises 9 to 11) should only be started later in your recovery. If you are unsure when to begin this, ask your treating health professional.

Exercise 9: Neck strengthening exercises (isometric, no movement exercise)

Photographs of a woman completing the neck strengthening exercise

Neck strengthening exercises whilst in the safe four-point kneeling position

Firstly, adopt the four-point kneeling position.

Begin by ensuring your knees are directly under your hips, and your hands directly under your shoulders.

Your lower back should be in a neutral position; that is, with a natural arch.

Gently draw your belly button to your spine (10 per cent effort).

Push gently through your shoulder blades, so that your upper back is level.

Draw your shoulders gently away from your ears, or toward your hips.

Lift your head up so that it is level with your shoulders, but maintaining a gentle chin tucked or nod position.

Once you can hold the safe four-point kneeling position, proceed with the neck movement exercises as described below.

Exercise 10: Neck bending and extension in the four-point kneeling position

Photographs of a woman completing the neck bending and extension exercises in the four-point kneeling position

Exercise 11: Neck rotation in the four-point kneeling position