Support during bushfire emergency

SIRA extends sincere sympathy to all the families, friends and communities of those who have been killed in the bushfires, and to all the people who have been injured or lost property.

SIRA also thanks and acknowledges the outstanding work of firefighters and other emergency service workers and volunteers. We have in place active liaison with icare, which delivers compensation services relevant to both volunteer firefighters and NSW Government workers.

SIRA acknowledges the many challenges being faced by those affected by the ongoing bushfire crisis in NSW. In some cases those challenges may relate to workers compensation claims and related matters.

We are working with all NSW workers compensation insurers to understand and discuss their approaches to supporting affected workers with a work-related injury. As ever, our priority and expectation of insurers is that people receive their entitlements, and can access treatment and support when they need it.

If anything related to the bushfires is affecting how you claim or access support for workers compensation, please contact your insurer.

If you are a worker and cannot resolve the issue with the insurer, you may contact the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO) on 13 94 76 or

If you are an employer, insurer or provider within the workers compensation system, you can contact our SIRA Customer Service team on 13 10 50 or

See the NSW Government’s disaster assistance response

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Keep up to date with the latest bushfire alerts and warnings in your area

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