Liberty Holdings Australia Limited applies for a group self-insurer licence

notice | 04/05/2020

Liberty Holdings Australia Limited, (‘LHA’) has applied to the State Insurance Regulatory Authority for a group self-insurer licence covering the following wholly owned employing subsidiaries:

  • InfraBuild (Manufacturing) Pty Ltd
  • InfraBuild NSW Pty Ltd
  • InfraBuild Wire Pty Ltd
  • InfraBuild (Newcastle) Pty Ltd
  • OneSteel Recycling Pty Ltd
  • InfraBuild Trading Pty Ltd
  • Austube Mills Pty Ltd
  • SSX Services Pty Ltd
  • The Australian Steel Company (Operations) Pty Ltd
  • Steelforce Australia Pty Ltd

LHA group’s principal activities comprises a steel supply chain from raw materials to manufacturing and distribution. It has a portfolio of brands, products and services across domestic construction and agriculture.

Submissions are invited from interested stakeholders regarding LHA’s self-insurer licence application. Submissions are due by Friday, 15 May 2020.

Please email your submission to