Guild to insure early learning sector

notice | 29/03/2017

Guild Insurance Limited (Guild) currently holds a specialised insurer licence to insure pharmacies and submitted an application to expand its licence to the early learning sector.

On 16 March 2017, SIRA approved an application from Guild to expand its licence to enable Guild to provide workers compensation for early learning and child care services.

Guild may commence providing workers compensation insurance to employers who are mainly engaged in providing child care services, commencing 4.00pm 30 June 2017. The expansion into child care services will be undertaken as a joint venture between Guild and the Australian Childcare Alliance NSW.

The licence expansion will enable Guild to issue or renew policies of insurance to employers who are mainly engaged in:

  • operating pharmacies under WIC 525100 – Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Toiletry Retailing
  • providing services under WIC 871000 – Child Care Services (commencing 4.00pm 30 June 2017)
  • WIC 970000 – Private Households Employing Staff (current and former policy holders only).

Specialised insurers operate within limited defined industries, allowing them to offer targeted return to work and injury management programs.

Visit specialised insurers to view licence requirements and a list of licensees.