CIC Allianz will cease to sell CTP policies from 15 January 2019

notice | 21/12/2018

The Authority has approved the request from CIC Allianz to cease selling NSW Compulsory Third Party CTP Policies from 15 January 2019.

This change will have no impact on current claims and policies held with CIC Allianz. Any past, present or future claims lodged against a CIC Allianz CTP policy will continue to be managed exactly as they have been previously.

Claimants should continue to send any notices, letters or any information about their claim to the same address they have been using. The claim number and claims consultant will remain the same and the claims consultant will continue to provide assistance throughout recovery.

All CIC Allianz policies issued with a start date prior to 15 January 2019 will remain valid until the end of the insured period of vehicle registration. Any claims arising during that time will continue to be covered by CIC Allianz. At the end of the registration period, the CIC Allianz policy will not be renewed.

An offer of Allianz CTP Insurance will be sent to all CIC Allianz customers at the end of their existing period of insurance.

Should you have any further queries, please contact CIC Allianz on telephone 1300 360 340 or your respective claims consultant at CIC Allianz.