Workers compensation regulation bulletin - Issue 68 (August 2019)

New one-stop-shop for claims handling information

We’ve launched a new online platform to help people understand how workers compensation claims should be handled.

Our Claims management guide is a one-stop-shop for comprehensive claims management information, with legislation and regulatory instruments, SIRA's expectations and Standards of practice, forms and a range of comprehensive guidance material.

We expect it will be invaluable to people who interact closely with the workers compensation system through their work or after a claim.

It will help insurers make claims management decisions in line with legislation and regulatory requirements, and assist workers seeking further detail about their entitlements.

The Claims management guide has the following sections:

  • Understanding the claims journey, which introduces the workers compensation claims process. It includes general information about claims from the time the insurer is notified of an injury, to insurer claims management, worker treatment, recovery and claim closure.
  • Legislation and regulatory instruments, with links to relevant workers compensation Acts, regulation, guidelines and other regulatory instruments, including the Standards of practice.
  • Insurer guidance on a comprehensive range of claims management topics to help insurers comply with the legislation and understand what SIRA considers acceptable practice.
  • Forms and publications with links to relevant workers compensation forms and publications.

It also has links to legal and administrative resources, support contacts and case law examples.

Visit the Claims management guide via the SIRA website.

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