Workers compensation bulletin - issue 56

In this edition: Workers compensation dispute resolution stakeholder forum videos now online, videos show benefits of recovery at work.

Workers compensation dispute resolution stakeholder forum videos now online

On Thursday 1 November 2018, more than 120 people attended the SIRA stakeholder forum in Sydney to hear about and share their thoughts on the implementation phase of the Workers Compensation Legislation Amendment Act 2018. The Act paves the way for an improved workers compensation dispute resolution system from early 2019.

The improved system will be designed to help prevent disputes by making it simpler, clearer and more consistent for injured workers, employers, insurers and system providers to get the information they need and resolve issues early on. SIRA, the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO) and the Workers Compensation Commission (WCC) will all play a key role in managing the enhanced system.

The stakeholder forum was held at the Sydney Masonic Centre and attendees included unions, employer groups, the NSW Business Chamber, NSW Police, city councils, legal professionals, representatives from the health, education and transport sectors as well as insurers (including icare), self-insurers and specialised insurers.

The purpose of the forum was to:

  • outline the objectives and application of the Act
  • present an overview of the implementation and commencement of the provisions of the Act
  • provide an opportunity to hear from WIRO and the WCC regarding the changes arising from the Act
  • give an overview of dispute resolution, PIAWE (Pre-Injury Average Weekly Earnings) and other amendments.

Attendees raised important questions which will be answered over the coming weeks as SIRA releases the draft regulations, guidelines and supporting materials.

The forum was recorded on video for those stakeholders who could not attend.

For more information about the amendments please see the workers compensation dispute resolution reforms page.

People can send their questions and feedback to:

Videos show benefits of recovery at work

SIRA has released two new videos to explain how people and employers can benefit from recovery at work after injury.

The videos show how St Vincent's Private Hospital and Specialty Fashion Group implemented return to work programs and created better outcomes for their workers and organisations.

They aim to show workers, employers and service providers that early return to work is a win-win. It can contribute to quicker, more successful recoveries, improved workplace cultures and lower premiums.

There are also two videos from workers' perspectives about why returning to work was integral to their recoveries. Learn about Skye's and David's return to work journeys.

Find out more information about recovery at work.