Workers compensation bulletin - issue 55

In this edition: Have your say: Draft workers compensation guidelines, putting mental health and wellbeing first, SIRA review of Nominal Insurer liability valuations, workers compensation system report now available and workshops demystify WHS and return to work

Have your say: Draft workers compensation guidelines

SIRA is seeking feedback on the draft workers compensation guidelines until 30 November.

The draft guidelines explain what workers, employers and insurers must do in relation to claims under the NSW workers compensation legislation.

We have prepared the draft guidelines to update, streamline and consolidate existing guidelines, and are intended to replace the:

Consultation is also under way on the draft standards of practice, which aim to set expectations for insurer claims management processes and conduct. Submissions on the standards of practice can be made until 16 November.

If you have any queries or would like to request a meeting about the draft guidelines or standards of practice, please email

Putting mental health and wellbeing first

Thousands of workers around the state will have better support at work while overcoming mental health challenges thanks to the NSW Government's Mentally Healthy Workplaces strategy.

Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean recently launched a range of new initiatives, which include:

  • access to free training for at least 3,600 managers around NSW to improve awareness and support of mental illness
  • free tailored advice and resources for employers from an independent consultant to assist with building mentally healthy workplace capability
  • a program of Mentally Healthy Workplace Ambassadors, including Landcom, led by John Brogden, to raise awareness of the importance of workplace mental health
  • the Mental health at work website, which has free support and resources for managers and workers about workplace mental health, and,
  • a funding boost of $100,000 for the Virtual Psychologist service, which will give an additional 1,100 farmers access to critical psychological counsel support in real time.

These initiatives are the first stage of the Mentally Healthy Workplaces strategy and will play a significant role in creating mentally healthy workplaces in NSW.

The training and advice programs will be offered in Sydney metropolitan area and Central Coast before being extended to regional areas in 2019.

Interested employers can sign up now or register their interest on the website.

Please share and encourage employers within your networks to register and start their journey towards a mentally healthier workplace.

SIRA is leading the development of the recover at work initiatives of the strategy and looks forward to sharing these with our stakeholders in 2019.

SIRA review of Nominal Insurer liability valuations

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority Board has delivered a report on the Nominal Insurer's liability valuations to the Minister for Finance Services and Property.

The report is a review of the Nominal Insurer's insurance liability valuations for the period 2016 and 2017.

View the report (PDF, 276 KB).

Workers compensation system report now available

Each month, SIRA publishes a report on the performance of the NSW workers compensation system.

The latest report is now available on the SIRA website.

We welcome your feedback or suggestions on these monthly reports. Email us at

Workshops demystify WHS and return to work

SafeWork NSW is running workshops to help employers comply with their workers compensation and work, health and safety (WHS) obligations.

Return to work program workshops will help employers learn how to put essential return to work programs in place to comply with their workers compensation obligations. All employers must have an updated return to work program to respond to work-related injury or illness by 31 May 2019. Read more and sign up.

Easy to do work health and safety workshops aim to help small businesses become safer, healthier and more productive by using a new toolkit.

Read more about Easy to do WHS and register for a workshop near you.