Workers compensation bulletin - issue 50

In this edition: Monthly reports show system performance, Quality consultations leads to better outcomes, and Indexed adjustments to workers compensation benefits from 1 October 2018.

Monthly reports show system performance

Each month, SIRA publishes the results of the workers compensation system in NSW. This report details how the system is performing in NSW, and includes information on claim types, return to work rates, complaints and affordability.

The monthly report enables stakeholders to measure individual claimant experience against system-wide performance and insurer type, with the view to increasing transparency and improving customer experience with the system.

The latest report (PDF, 355 KB) is accompanied by an accessible version and summary data tables (Excel worksheet, 219 KB) and are available on the workers compensation reports page on the SIRA website.

SIRA welcomes your feedback or suggestions on these monthly reports. Email us at

Quality consultation leads to better outcomes

SIRA meets regularly with industry, business and workers groups to exchange information and views about key issues, priorities and concerns affecting the workers compensation system in NSW. It also provides guidance on legislative and regulatory issues facing the sector.

Collaborating and genuinely consulting with a broad range of stakeholders helps us analyse the system from various points of view, identify potential issues and, in partnership, develop solutions to achieve system goals.

During August 2018, SIRA met with representatives from unions, self-insurers, the NSW Business Chamber, icare, Workers Compensation Independent Review Office, Housing Industry Association and the Small Business Reference Group.

Darren Parker, A/Executive Director, Workers & Home Building Compensation Regulation said, 'These discussions allowed the healthy exchange of information and ideas to improve the NSW workers compensation system. It is through the building of trust that together we can operate effectively to improve system outcomes'.

If you would like to be involved in stakeholder engagement opportunities please email

Indexed adjustments to workers compensation benefits from 1 October 2018

Insurers will apply indexed adjustments to workers compensation payments from 1 October 2018.

On 7 September 2018, the:

SIRA has updated its Workers compensation benefits guide October 2018 (PDF, 7 MB) to assist stakeholders, including insurers, employers and workers. The updated benefits guide is now available on the SIRA website.