Workers compensation bulletin - issue 44

In this edition: Workers compensation/CTP scheme interaction, and workers compensation system monthly reporting.

Workers compensation/CTP scheme interaction

SIRA and the NSW Government have been working on addressing an anomaly in the interaction between the workers compensation scheme and the 2017 CTP scheme where a person is injured in a motor accident while working.

This has been highlighted last week in a number of media articles. SIRA and the NSW Government are addressing the issue, with Minister Dominello committing last week that the changes will be retrospective and apply from 1 December 2017.

SIRA is working directly with insurers to ensure that claimants potentially affected by the anomaly are managed appropriately. Retrospective application will ensure that no injured workers are adversely impacted by the anomaly.

Workers compensation system monthly reporting

SIRA has developed a new workers compensation system report, which will be available each month.

The report will provide regular and timely information on the performance of the NSW workers compensation system. The performance measures include effectiveness, efficiency, viability, affordability, customer experience and equity.

The May 2018 report is now available on our website.