Workers compensation bulletin - issue 40

In this edition: Have your say: Workers compensation claims administration manual and guidelines review, and Bhusal v Catholic Health Care [2018] NSWCA 56.

Have your say: Workers compensation claims administration manual and guidelines review

We’re seeking your input on the new SIRA workers compensation claims administration manual (CAM).

The CAM will be an online and centralised information source that will clearly explain SIRA’s expectations and requirements for claims management and insurer behaviour. It will cover a broad range of topics to help insurers make decisions in line with legislation and guidelines.

The CAM will set the benchmark for high quality, outcomes-focused claims management and increase transparency for stakeholders in the claims management process.

Development of the CAM will occur at the same time as a review of the current suite of workers compensation guidelines. Following the review, it is proposed that the guidelines will be reissued focusing on specific matters as directed by the legislation, with general claims handling information transferred to the CAM. This will promote simplicity and an integrated approach to claims handling.

A discussion paper is available on the SIRA website. We invite you to read it and provide your feedback by Friday 25 May, 2018.

We value your input and we look forward to hearing your views. Any questions regarding the CAM and guideline review should be emailed to

Bhusal v Catholic Health Care [2018] NSWCA 56

In a decision issued on 26 March 2018, the Court of Appeal of the NSW Supreme Court held in favour of the injured worker and against the self-insurer, deciding to set aside an earlier decision of a single Judge of the Supreme Court and a decision of SIRA’s Merit Review Service (MRS), and to remit a merit review application to MRS for a fresh determination to be made. You can read the decision in full here.