Workers compensation bulletin - issue 31

In this edition: Access to community support services, and new digital service for SIRA Workers Compensation Merit Reviews.

Access to community support services

Workers affected by the operation of section 39 are now eligible to apply for Community Connect funding of up to $1,000.

This funding is designed to help workers during their transition, particularly when a worker has identified a barrier or need that can be addressed via community support services.

The funding can be used in conjunction with the SIRA Support and Information Service, which helps workers find and connect with community services in their local area.

If such services incur a cost, Community Connect is available to a cumulative total of $1,000.

SIRA is also encouraging insurers to give affected workers the option of getting their last few weekly payments paid together in one lump sum.

Find out more on our website.

New digital service for SIRA Workers Compensation Merit Reviews

SIRA celebrated the successful launch of the Merit Review Portal on Friday last week.

This new online platform provides an additional channel for workers to apply for a merit review of an insurer work capacity decision with our Workers Compensation Merit Review Service (MRS). It also allows insurers to reply to and track the status of applications online.

It is one of the first in a suite of online systems being implemented to improve and digitise SIRA and whole of government services for the people and businesses of NSW.

Importantly, the Merit Review Portal is collaborative, allowing SIRA, the insurer, worker, and other representatives to submit an application, upload documents, process tasks and track  the progress of a case in real-time.

We encourage anyone who uses the portal to send us feedback so we can further refine the user experience. Whether you notice a bug that needs fixing, want clarification on a particular requirement, have a question, or an idea to improve this service, we are here to help.

Contact the MRS team on (02) 9284 2284 or email