Workers compensation bulletin - issue 10

In this edition: workers compensation benefits guide, merit review user guide, recovery at work guide, quick guide to workers compensation, helping employees recover at work and TOOCs training.

Workers compensation benefits guide (July 2016)

Further to last week’s bulletin; we are pleased to advise that the Benefits guide (July 2016) has now been published on our website. Click here to download a copy.

Merit review user guide

The Merit review user guide (User guide) provides guidance to workers, employers, insurers and their representatives on how to make a referral for a work capacity decision merit review, as well as the procedure for undertaking a merit review. Click here to download a copy.

The User guide comes into effect from 1 August 2016 and will be periodically reviewed and updated.

If you would like to provide any feedback or recommendations for consideration, please send to Merit Review Services directly.

EDIT: Merit review user guide now superseded by SIRA Dispute Resolution Services guide to Workers Compensation Merit Reviews.

Injured at work: A recovery at work guide for workers

SIRA would like to introduce the Injured at work: A recovery at work guide for workers. This guide is the third and final instalment in a series of stakeholder guidance material. The medical practitioner and employer guides were released in 2015. The worker guide helps workers understand what to do and what to expect during their recovery. The guide explains the role of the worker and the employer, the claims process and provides advice to help a worker return to work and where possible, recover at work.

The guide, which was produced following an extensive consultation process with key stakeholders across the system, is the first comprehensive guide produced specifically for workers and will be followed up by more ‘bite size’ information for workers.

SIRA would like to thank icare, self and specialised insurers, WIRO, the Injured Worker Support Network and Unions NSW for their contributions to the development of the guide.

Take a look – the guide is available on our website. Alternatively, you can order copies through the SIRA publications warehouse. Visit our website here and click on “order a publication”.

A quick guide to workers compensation: Information for workers

A new brochure for workers has been created and is now available on our website. Click here to download your copy.

Alternatively, you can order copies through the SIRA Publications Warehouse. Visit our website here and click on “order a publication”.

How to help your employee recover at work

SIRA has released a short video which explores the importance and opportunities for communication between an employer and a nominated treating doctor, during the recover at work / injury management process.  This is a great resource for employers who seek assistance with how to engage with their worker’s doctor and demonstrates SIRA’s commitment to utilising varying modes to deliver the recover at work message to stakeholders.

SIRA would like to acknowledge and thank Dr Roland Loeve, Injury Management Consultant for his participation in the video.
Click here and take a moment to watch this video today.

TOOCs training

The next TOOCs Injury Coding training is scheduled for:

Friday 19 August 2016
9:00am to 4:00pm
Meeting Room 1

The session will be held at:

SIRA’s office: Level 24, 580 George Street, Sydney (close to Bathurst St corner).

For more information and to register your attendance, please email