Motor accidents bulletin - September 2017

In this edition: updates on implementation of the new CTP Green Slip scheme including the new motor accidents guidelines and regulations, CTP Assist service, online claim notification system, claim forms and Green Slip Price Check.

From the Executive Director

Implementing the new CTP Green Slip scheme has been our primary focus since the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017 was passed in March this year. The new CTP Green Slip scheme is a once in a generation opportunity to improve the outcomes for people injured on NSW roads. It is also the only way that we could have stopped CTP premium prices from rising year on year, as they have done over the last 10 years.  

In designing the new scheme, we are looking at the ways we can support injured people to recover, as well as ensuring our service providers know what is expected of them and how to operate under the new scheme.  

A result of this work has been the recent launch of the pilot of our online claim notification system. The system provides an innovative platform to connect those injured in a motor vehicle accident with the appropriate CTP insurer. So far we have seen some positive results, an achievement that is reflective of the work and collaboration between SIRA and the insurers who have participated in the pilot. I would like to thank all who have been involved.

Some of the other key projects we are working on include the development of the Motor Accident Guidelines, supporting the Motor Accidents Injuries Act 2017 and accompanying regulations.

You may have heard news in the media of a number of arrests relating to CTP fraud. You can read more in this issue of the bulletin.

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Darren Parker
Acting Executive Director
Motor Accidents Insurance Regulation

New Guidelines and Regulations

We are developing new Motor Accident Guidelines for the new scheme. The guidelines, which are a statutory instrument, will include sections detailing:

Premiums: requirements and expectations of insurers in issuing CTP policies, together with market practice requirements.

the manner in which insurers and those acting on their behalf will deal with claims.

Minor Injury: the assessment of, and other matters regarding the management of minor injury claims.

Dispute resolution: guidance around processes concerning insurer internal review, and the expanded Dispute Resolutions Services.  

The Guidelines have been developed in consultation with CTP insurers and legal profession representatives. The final version will be available on the SIRA website in November 2017.

Guidance notes are also being prepared to help service providers understand certain aspects of the scheme and how benefits are applied to injured people.

Work is underway to finalise the Motor Accident Regulations. Key inclusions will be legal costs allowances for legal assistance with disputes, together with further guidance on the type of injuries and conditions that will be included in the definition of minor injury.

CTP Assist

A new service called CTP Assist will be available from 1 December. It will assist and advise injured people about their claims.

CTP Assist will expand on what is currently our Claims Advisory Service. It will be a multi-channel support service, providing tailored support and advice for injured people.  

The service will also continue to support and advise those people who made a claim before 1 December under the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999.

Recruitment is underway for a number of positions within the CTP Assist team.

Online claim notification

The pilot of the new online claim notification system was launched this month. The digital system allows people injured in a motor vehicle accident to find out which CTP insurer they need to claim with.

After completing the online form on the SIRA website, users are assigned a case number and are contacted by SIRA to connect them with the appropriate CTP insurer or by the insurer directly.

The online form is available 24/7 and can be completed at the users convenience.

The system provides a more seamless claims lodgement process and improved customer experience for injured people in NSW.

Currently three insurers are participating in the pilot including AAMI, GIO and NRMA. By 1 December, QBE and Allianz will also be using this system.

New claim forms

SIRA has been consulting with insurers and legal provider representatives to develop claims forms for the new CTP scheme. The forms will reduce the amount of information required for completion. There will be five new forms for the new scheme: Application for personal injury benefits Application for damages under common law Application for funeral expenses Application to compensate relatives The certificate of fitness. The certificate of fitness is to be completed by a doctor and provided to the insurer, so that the injured person can receive weekly income payments, if they need time off work. The injured person will also be required to verify their income.

New timeframes for claiming will apply under the new CTP scheme. An injured person should make a claim within 28 days. While they do have up to three months to make a claim, if they claim after 28 days, they may not receive payments for the full period of lost earnings.

Green Slip Price Check

We are developing a new and improved Green Slip Price Check which will replace the existing Green Slip Calculator.

The Green Slip Price Check will help motorists save time when shopping around for a Green Slip by providing them with a fast, simple and user friendly comparison tool. The Green Slip Price Check will go live in late October.

We are working closely with Service NSW and RMS to see where there are opportunities to make improvements to our services to assist motorists.

Cracking down on CTP fraud

As a result of recommendations made by the CTP Task Force (coordinated by SIRA), Detectives from the NSW State Crime Command's Fraud and Cybercrime Squad established Strike Force Ravens to investigate and respond to fraud within the CTP scheme.  

SIRA with the help of insurers, provided data to Strike Force Ravens that has helped them hone in on fraudulent practices.

On Wednesday 20 September, Strike Force Ravens, made their latest arrests. A solicitor and two health professionals were arrested over alleged fraudulent insurance claims.  

This brings the number of arrest from April 2017 to date to 16 people. More than 102 charges have been laid in relation to a combined fraud of more than $11 million.

Investigations are continuing and further arrests are expected.

You can read more on the SIRA website or go to

Improving our website

We launched the SIRA website in October 2016 in record time. It brought across information from other websites from former agencies and information was largely presented in subject silos.  

We have recently added a feedback widget to the website, so that visitors can make comments, suggestions, and raise any issues they had difficulty with.

Our website is undergoing a review to further meet the needs of our stakeholders and customers.

We are now part way through a review of the site with a new structure that will better meet the needs of our customers.

The new site structure is based on the results of user testing by claimants and service providers.

The refreshed website will be launched in December 2017 and will also be updated with information on the new CTP Green Slip scheme.