Motor accidents bulletin - July 2019

In this edition: Have your say: Customer service conduct principles.

Have your say: Customer service conduct principles

We are seeking feedback on the proposed Customer Service Conduct principles for insurers dealing with workers compensation, motor accidents (compulsory third party), and home building compensation claims in NSW.

Under the proposed Customer Service Conduct principles, insurers will be required to show evidence that they meet these five principles:

  1. Be efficient and easy to engage
  2. Act fairly, with empathy and respect
  3. Resolve customer concerns quickly, respect customers’ time and be proactive
  4. Have systems in place to identify and address customer concerns
  5. Be accountable for actions and honest in interactions with customers.

The principles aim to ensure policy holders and people who experience injury and loss are provided with fair, timely, respectful, inclusive and appropriate services, and the opportunity to provide feedback on the service they receive.

To read the consultation paper and make a submission visit the online consultation page. Submissions are invited by 19 August 2019.