Motor accidents bulletin - February 2020

CTP Open Data Portal

SIRA’s 2017 CTP Scheme Open Data is an interactive tool where you can find scheme experience and performance statistics.

This tool is available on our website with up to date information on claims, payments, and Green Slip Check usage refreshed daily. Policy and premium information is refreshed weekly. This data is made available for motorists, the general public and industry stakeholders to access key data about the CTP scheme.

In the near future it will include interactive data on the insurers claims experience which is currently reported quarterly and available on our website.

The CTP Scheme Open Data enhances transparency of scheme monitoring metrics and performance and helps monitor and improve insurer performance. SIRA will be transitioning some of our current reporting to utilise this data tool as our most up to date information.

Tender for fraud detection and provider management tool open until 28 February 2020

SIRA has published a request for tender from experienced providers of fraud detection, scanning and provider management analytics software and services.

This will assist with our regulatory monitoring and supervision activities including fraud detection and analysing provider relationships and behaviours within the Motor Accidents, Workers Compensation and Home Building Compensation schemes.

The use of modern data analytics tools and technology will enable SIRA to improve risk-based regulation of the schemes we regulate.

The tender closes on 28 February 2020. Details can be found on the NSW government tenders website.

All about CTP - SIRA animation series

SIRA has launched a social media campaign to raise awareness of our 12-part CTP animation series that tells people all they need to know about CTP Green Slip insurance in New South Wales.

From February to April a different animation is being posted each week on SIRA’s LinkedIn because it is important for anyone who owns or travels in a vehicle to be aware of what the CTP scheme offers and what assistance is available in the event of an injury or death resulting from a motor accident.

This month we are promoting the following four animations:

Other animations may also pop up while you are on Facebook or YouTube. These include:

You can find the full CTP animation series on the SIRA YouTube page to share with your networks.

CTP Legal Advisory Service Review

An independent review of SIRA’s CTP Legal Advisory Service has been published.

This service was introduced to ensure injured people have access to legal advice in circumstances where the Motor Accidents Injuries Act 2017 prevents lawyers from receiving payment for services or providing advice.

To support claimants, SIRA established a Legal Advisory Service at no charge to claimants and made a commitment in December 2018 to review this service.

The report includes a range of key findings and customer experience insights from those who have used the CTP Legal Advisory Service. It also makes recommendations for improvements.

You can read the full report and SIRA’s response on our website.

SIRA’s Dispute Resolution Service launching digital CTP dispute processing

In the coming months, SIRA’s Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) will launch a digital system for managing CTP claims disputes.

The system includes online portals for claimants, the legal community, insurers, Assessors and Reviewers to interact with the DRS. Portal users will be able to lodge and track dispute applications online, upload documents, communicate directly with the DRS and receive dispute outcomes - all in real-time.

The new system will reduce administration, streamline interactions between all parties and enable improved processing efficiency.

Details on timing will be announced closer to the launch. For more information, please email

Have your say - measuring return to work

A reminder that SIRA is seeking input from stakeholders about how we strengthen the way we measure return to work for the NSW Workers Compensation and CTP schemes.

The discussion paper and opportunity to have your say is available on our website. This consultation closes on Monday 2 March.

For general enquiries

Enquiries, help with claims, feedback, complaints or disputes with insurers or others phone:  1300 656 919 -  8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday or email:

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