Your obligations

You have obligations to co-operate with the insurer managing your claim and take an active part in your treatment and recovery.

When lodging your claim you need to:

  • complete all forms truthfully, and provide the insurer with full details of the accident and your injuries
  • make sure a doctor fills in the medical certificate
  • send in forms within time limits
  • give the insurer all the information they need to assess your claim

Once your claim is lodged, you should:

  • provide the insurer with information about your treatment and other needs arising from your injuries
  • claim only for necessary and reasonable expenses, and only for injuries sustained in the accident
  • provide the insurer with all invoices and receipts
  • if asked, attend specialist medical appointments
  • participate in settlement discussions and conferences with the insurer

During your claim, you should do all you can to recover as quickly as possible.  This means you should:

  • take an active part in your treatment and rehabilitation
  • try to resume your usual activities including work as soon as possible
  • let the insurer know if you need help with your recovery or in resuming your usual activities

Further information

If you can’t agree with your insurer

Sometimes there can be disputes about compensation.  If there’s a dispute, there’s help available. Our motor accidents disputes section has more information.

Or call our Claims Advisory Service on 1300 656 919.