Your insurer's obligations

We regulate insurers to make sure they manage your claim in accordance with the legislation and our detailed guidelines.

Some of the key obligations include:

When claiming early benefits (accident notification form)

Within 10 days of receiving your accident notification form, the insurer must advise you if your claim was accepted.

If accepted, the insurer will start paying your treatment expenses.

When making a formal claim (personal injury claim form)

The insurer must send you a letter within five days of receiving your personal injury claim form confirming they got your form, as well as provide you with a claim number and the details of the person who will look after your claim.

Within three months of receiving your claim form, the insurer will tell you if they have accepted or denied liability for the claim and explain the reasons why.

When paying expenses

If they accept your claim, the insurer must pay your reasonable hospital, medical, rehabilitation and travel expenses within 20 days of receiving the invoice or receipt.

When managing your claim

All insurers must act within the guidelines we've set to ensure fair claims handling and the appropriate management for your injury. We check on whether they are doing the right thing.

Insurers review requests from your health services providers to make sure you are receiving treatment that is:

  • directly related to your injuries
  • aimed at helping you get back to work and your usual activities
  • appropriate for your injury
  • provided by an appropriately qualified health professional
  • cost effective

Some guidelines insurers must follow include:

Further information

If you can’t agree with your insurer

Sometimes there can be disputes about compensation.  If there’s a dispute, there’s help available. Our motor accidents disputes section has more information.

Or call our Claims Advisory Service on 1300 656 919.