Medico legal assessments

To resolve a claim, it may be necessary to organise a clinical expert to examine a claimant and prepare an independent report. This is called a medico legal assessment.

A medico legal assessment should be arranged when all relevant treating professionals have provided reports and the claimant's injuries have stabilised.

A medico-legal assessment may be arranged to find out:

  • the cause of an injury
  • the type of injury
  • any future treatment or care that may be needed because of the injury
  • whether the injury aggravated  an existing medical condition or previous injury

Assessments can be difficult for claimants, especially if more than one is required. This stress and the costs incurred can be reduced if the parties involved:

  • organise joint assessments with an agreed expert
  • ensure the expert selected is the most suitable for the injuries being assessed (eg an occupational physician rather than a rehabilitation physician)
  • are considerate about the time and location of an assessment (eg an early morning appointment far from the claimant's home is unreasonable)
  • schedule assessments, particularly neuropsychological assessments, so as not to disrupt the claimant's ongoing rehabilitation planning

Claimants may also need to undertake an assessment of permanent impairment, a neuropsychological assessment or if in dispute with the insurer, a medical assessment or review.

To inform all parties of your plans to arrange a neuropsychological assessment for an injured person with traumatic brain injury use:

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