Legal professionals

Legal professionals have an important role in ensuring that people injured in motor accidents receive appropriate entitlements.

If you're a legal professional we expect you will support fair and timely resolution of claims and promote the recovery of claimants and their experience of the third party insurance scheme by reducing unnecessary delays and disputes.

You need to be aware of your responsibilities for:

As regulator of the insurers we strive to ensure that all insurers comply with their legislative obligations and relevant guidelines.

If you believe an insurer has breached these obligations, let us know.

Guidelines and forms

You should use our guidelines when arranging assessments and sharing reports to ensure that injured people are not inconvenienced by unnecessary and costly assessments.

Neuropsychological assessment guidelines

Our neuropsychological assessment guidelines outline expectations for all parties.

These guidelines also include:

Injury management

See our injury management section to promote best practice management of some commonly occurring injuries in motor vehicle crashes.

Our injury advice centre also has general information the injured person will find helpful